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Travel medical and dental insurance from your credit union

travel insurance

Traveling is something almost all of us aspire to do at some point in our lives. There is nothing better than to go to wonderful places all around the world and exploring magnificent locations otherwise hidden from our eyesight. The world is full of amazing locations and breathtaking sites worth seeing so we save money during the entire year to be able to travel and explore distant countries.

Summer is the perfect time for traveling

Summer is the perfect time for traveling because you can enjoy all those areas bathed in sun. It is even better if your target location is somewhere at the seaside where your romantic side can bloom to its fullest. Imagine yourself with the person you love enjoying the amazing sites of, lets say, Costa Rica(click here to be guided about Costa Rica), drinking wine at sunset, and making plans for your future together. You are tasting delicious food when all of a sudden lightning strikes your jaw. Your entire world is blended in pain, you cannot move nor can you talk.

That damn tooth that has been torturing you for so long has just woken up, at the worse moment possible.

The amount you have to pay for medical expenses abroad are limitless

Your first reaction is to go to the dentist, and that is just the beginning of your nightmares. Being so far away from your home and your dentist, you have to look for the nearest (reputable) one. Depending on the location where you are, the bill you receive will hurt you like hell, even more than the tooth itself. The amount you have to pay for medical expenses abroad are limitless, and you may be forced to go back home because you gave the money or the rest of your vacation to the physician.

Do not allow yourself to have these disturbances

Do not allow yourself to have these disturbances during your perfect vacation for which you have saved so long. Think in advance and call  your local credit union representative to get the traveling medical and dental insurance. Medical problems you may be faced with during your travel are numerous, so do not leave your health to chance. Many health insurances do not cover medical expenses abroad, and you need to be sure that you are safe when traveling. Credit unions provide a perfect solution, so all it takes is for you to reach your personal representatives and add this service to your account when traveling. In some cases, credit unions can pay the bills directly, but in other cases you will get a reimbursement. Either way, it can save you an absolute fortune in foreign medical expenses. Learn more by watching this video:

In addition, to prevent at least some of the medical challenges, especially related to the dental ones, there are numerous things you can do as preventative measures. Electrical brushes are perfect defenders in fighting most tooth and gum related diseases and pain points – before you hit the road, you may want to visit WaterFlosserHQ’s Toothbrush Guide and pick the best one. They are much more efficient than the ordinary ones, and will prolong the life of your teeth. Electric brushes are easy to carry and can be packed up in any handbag while bringing huge relief to your teeth.

Insure yourself with prevention

Insure yourself with prevention in the form of an electric toothbrush, floss (again, check out for all your dental e-commerce needs), mouth wash, and travel insurance from your credit union and the only thing that remains for you to do is to enjoy your vacation. Fingers crossed that something significant will happen during the romantic getaway!

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