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4 Tips For Managing Credit Card Use that Will Keep You Out of Debt

bigstock-d-rendering-of-a-credit-cards-17085230-e1356043900570A credit card from a credit union can be a great asset to have for when you need it. The trouble is, too many folks are not using them wisely. Having a credit card is giving you the chance to build a credit history of good standing which will help Read the rest

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Travel medical and dental insurance from your credit union

travel insurance

Traveling is something almost all of us aspire to do at some point in our lives. There is nothing better than to go to wonderful places all around the world and exploring magnificent locations otherwise hidden from our eyesight. The world is full of amazing locations and breathtaking sites worth … Read the rest

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Credit Unions Work To Improve Financial Literacy


In a blink of an eye, you go from shopping for the best diaper bag in preparation for your newborn’s arrival to shopping for colleges for your soon-to-be-high-school graduate. It happens so quickly and there’s so much to teach our children during that time. We impart on them our values … Read the rest

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Why are Credit Unions Cheaper?

Money is hard to come by, especially when you’re not paid generously and most especially if you are not employed at all. Yes, saving up for something takes so much time that sometimes it actually would be better to just borrow the money for it. Many people, including college students, … Read the rest

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How to graduate from college debt free?

Some parents plan for their kids a college fund that will help them avoid having a huge debt after they graduate from college. For some kids, things are not that easy because they do not have their parent’s support or they just cannot afford it. Many college students get into … Read the rest

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What is a Community Credit Union and How Can I find One?

A Community Credit Union is a credit union that serves a specific area. The community credit union is a federal credit union and operates like all other credit unions in that the members actually own the credit union.

The membership in a community credit union is essentially limited to a … Read the rest

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Philosophy Of Schools Credit Union

Schools Credit Union presently has over 115,000 members with over $1.2 billion in assets, currently ranking as one of the largest in the nation. Membership privileges are retained for life, regardless of members changing jobs or moving as long as they maintain their savings account with a minimum balance of … Read the rest

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An Overview Of The California Credit Union

The California Credit Union was established solely to serve the educational community in order to provide members with a unique and specialized service containing financial resources combined with personalized services. The great idea for educators to pool money for the mutual benefit of union members started in the early 1930′s … Read the rest

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Credit Union Loans – Some things you should know as well as realize

Among the list of opportunities that many American people fail to notice when searching for a mortgage is that of his or her community credit union. You will discover around 3 hundred credit unions within the United States contrary to bankers or various other loan product providers, each one … Read the rest