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4 Tips For Managing Credit Card Use that Will Keep You Out of Debt

bigstock-d-rendering-of-a-credit-cards-17085230-e1356043900570A credit card from a credit union can be a great asset to have for when you need it. The trouble is, too many folks are not using them wisely. Having a credit card is giving you the chance to build a credit history of good standing which will help you later in buying cars, homes and other large purchases. Follow these 5 tips and you can enjoy the benefit of plastic for cash, while building up a good credit report.

A Credit Card is Not a Funding Source

For the inexperienced, a credit card may seem like free cash, there to buy anything their heart desires. This attitude is going to get you nothing but financial trouble fast. The best rule of thumb to follow when pulling out the plastic to pay is to ask if you have the cash to back it up. If not, then whatever it is you wanted to buy should wait until you do.

Pay the Balance Each Month in Full

This is why you should never spend more than you can afford. It’s easy to say I’ll use next weeks paycheck to cover this weeks spending, but heaven only knows what’s going to come up next week. Avoid paying the interest costs by just paying the whole thing off every time you get your bill.

Use a Credit Card that Rewards You

After the positive points on your credit rating, this should be the next reason why you are using a credit card in the first place. Some of those offered through the credit union will give you frequent flyer miles or even discounts when you use them. This makes every purchase like it is on sale. Why? Think of it this way, say you buy a portable infrared sauna for $50 using your credit card. (These are really good to have BTW if you are interested in clearing out your body of harmful toxins. Read some review sites on portable infrared saunas and you are going to see why that $50 is a good investment.) Anyway, if you get frequent flyer miles that equal just $1 off the price of a plane ticket, than you just reduced the price of your portable infrared sauna by a buck. Pay the card balance in full like we suggest, and you are saving money on every purchase you make.

Have a Spare for Emergency Use Only

Your lowest interest card is likely issued by your credit union, and should be kept only for the event of an emergency. This is the new tires for your car card, or a major repair on your home’s heater. Even if you can’t afford that at the time, the lower interest on that card will help soften the blow to your bank account.

Credit cards are not the root of financial problems, the people who abuse them are. Build your credit with a card, and you will find that financial moves in the future will be much easier for you.

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Travel medical and dental insurance from your credit union

travel insurance

Traveling is something almost all of us aspire to do at some point in our lives. There is nothing better than to go to wonderful places all around the world and exploring magnificent locations otherwise hidden from our eyesight. The world is full of amazing locations and breathtaking sites worth seeing so we save money during the entire year to be able to travel and explore distant countries.

Summer is the perfect time for traveling

Summer is the perfect time for traveling because you can enjoy all those areas bathed in sun. It is even better if your target location is somewhere at the seaside where your romantic side can bloom to its fullest. Imagine yourself with the person you love enjoying the amazing sites of, lets say, Costa Rica(click here to be guided about Costa Rica), drinking wine at sunset, and making plans for your future together. You are tasting delicious food when all of a sudden lightning strikes your jaw. Your entire world is blended in pain, you cannot move nor can you talk.

That damn tooth that has been torturing you for so long has just woken up, at the worse moment possible.

The amount you have to pay for medical expenses abroad are limitless

Your first reaction is to go to the dentist, and that is just the beginning of your nightmares. Being so far away from your home and your dentist, you have to look for the nearest (reputable) one. Depending on the location where you are, the bill you receive will hurt you like hell, even more than the tooth itself. The amount you have to pay for medical expenses abroad are limitless, and you may be forced to go back home because you gave the money or the rest of your vacation to the physician.

Do not allow yourself to have these disturbances

Do not allow yourself to have these disturbances during your perfect vacation for which you have saved so long. Think in advance and call  your local credit union representative to get the traveling medical and dental insurance. Medical problems you may be faced with during your travel are numerous, so do not leave your health to chance. Many health insurances do not cover medical expenses abroad, and you need to be sure that you are safe when traveling. Credit unions provide a perfect solution, so all it takes is for you to reach your personal representatives and add this service to your account when traveling. In some cases, credit unions can pay the bills directly, but in other cases you will get a reimbursement. Either way, it can save you an absolute fortune in foreign medical expenses. Learn more by watching this video:

In addition, to prevent at least some of the medical challenges, especially related to the dental ones, there are numerous things you can do as preventative measures. Electrical brushes are perfect defenders in fighting most tooth and gum related diseases and pain points – before you hit the road, you may want to visit WaterFlosserHQ’s Toothbrush Guide and pick the best one. They are much more efficient than the ordinary ones, and will prolong the life of your teeth. Electric brushes are easy to carry and can be packed up in any handbag while bringing huge relief to your teeth.

Insure yourself with prevention

Insure yourself with prevention in the form of an electric toothbrush, floss (again, check out for all your dental e-commerce needs), mouth wash, and travel insurance from your credit union and the only thing that remains for you to do is to enjoy your vacation. Fingers crossed that something significant will happen during the romantic getaway!

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Credit Unions Work To Improve Financial Literacy


In a blink of an eye, you go from shopping for the best diaper bag in preparation for your newborn’s arrival to shopping for colleges for your soon-to-be-high-school graduate. It happens so quickly and there’s so much to teach our children during that time. We impart on them our values about what’s right and wrong and how to treat others, but all too often, we forget to instruct our kids about money. For many of us, paying bills becomes an automatic task that we don’t even think about taking the time to demonstrate how and why we pay them. Investing is an “adult” decision, not something we discuss with children.

By not including older teens in these “grown-up activities,” however, we are not passing along critical information as they prepare to venture into adulthood. Whether they plan on attending college or entering the workforce after high school, this can be a turning point in terms of how they view finances. The fiscal habits our children form in their late teens and early 20s will set them up for future financial behaviors.

Apparently, high schoolers don’t know much about handling finances. In 2012, students nationwide barely passed a financial literacy test. Fortunately, credit unions are seeking to reverse that trend with educational outreach.

Credit Union Counseling

In recent years, “financial literacy” have been key buzzwords, but credit unions across the country have taken the task of educating their members—as well as community residents, including school-age children—very seriously. Organizations have launched various programs to help members make smarter financial decisions, such as:

  • Conducting classes at credit union offices, churches and schools
  • Airing a 30-minute broadcast on a cable access television channel
  • Posting online educational material
  • Holding workshops to inform senior citizens about financial options

These programs covered an array of topics, including:

  • Money management
    • Identity theft
  • Scams targeting seniors
  • Investing
  • Retirement
  • Small business basics

This connection with the communities they serve is where credit unions excel, so use their expertise when discussing dollars and cents with your children. Learn more how to become financial literate by clicking here.

Smart Spending

Of course, parents can pass along a few commonsense practices, too.

1. Teens should know how much money they have (or don’t have)

Stress the importance of recording transactions. Their math at the end of the month could be off because they’re not tracking what money is coming in and going out. Let your teens know that’s when they could overdraw accounts, which typically result in bank fees.

2. Monthly maintenance

Tell them to review monthly statements to make sure the financial institution’s calculations match their own accounting, including any fees assigned to the accounts.

3. Credit conscious

Occasional use of credit cards helps build a credit history, which is one of the factors lenders look at on loan applications. However, revolving balances become difficult to pay off as interest accumulates. Large or growing balances will negatively impact their credit rating. Advise your children to pay the balance in full whenever possible.

Visit to learn more about credit union.

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Why are Credit Unions Cheaper?

Money is hard to come by, especially when you’re not paid generously and most especially if you are not employed at all. Yes, saving up for something takes so much time that sometimes it actually would be better to just borrow the money for it. Many people, including college students, have been struggling with debt caused by their borrowing of money from all the wrong places. This is particularly why some people just opt to go to credit unions to secure their loans. For those who do not understand much about what a credit union really is, take a look at this simple yet detailed explanation:

More and more people have come to credit unions for loans and most of them prefer them to banks. One of their most common reasons for this is that apparently, the credit unions are a lot cheaper than banks. But what really makes credit unions cheaper? Why are they more preferred to banks?

They are for people

One of the most popular answers to questions about how credit unions are cheaper than banks is that credit unions are made by people for people. Unlike banks which focus on making revenue and profit, credit unions focus more on the people and the service they provide. This is mainly because credit unions are created by people with same interests as the people that deposit and join them. Also, those who join them do not become their customers but become members that have a say in the union.

Lower to no fees at all

Because credit unions are made by people for other people of the similar community, they are very transparent and usually sympathize with the members. Because of these, they do not impose hidden fees and other miscellaneous fees that banks usually give their customers. Even if they do have such fees, they have so much lower fees as compared to banks.

More flexible and is more of an investment

With a credit union, a member does not have to worry much about being able to juggle a number of loans at once since they usually are very flexible with their payments and loans. Also, when a member pays to a credit union, they only use a little for operating costs, and some for their revenue but they also give back what is left to the member. The member actually makes some money out of his or her membership. With this, that best Cuisinart food processor that you have been trying to save up for would be easier to reach.

Lower and more affordable rates

There are a lot of things that one can really appreciate in a credit union, but what really makes it cheaper is that it has a lower rate than that of banks. Yes, credit unions do have more affordable and just plainly minute interest rates as compared with banks. The details about it make it clear that it really is on the member’s side. With this, it would really be easier to manage the bills without ending up drowning in debt.

Credit unions are now becoming more and more popular with people just about everywhere. And why shouldn’t it be? It is by far cheaper, more accessible, and just downright more convenient for people to go to rather than just sticking to banks who do not sympathize much with te consumer’s needs.

Learn how to find Community Credit Union by going to

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How to graduate from college debt free?

Some parents plan for their kids a college fund that will help them avoid having a huge debt after they graduate from college. For some kids, things are not that easy because they do not have their parent’s support or they just cannot afford it. Many college students get into a big debt because they ask for a loan to be able to study. After college, they find themselves without a job and owning a lot of money. How can someone graduate debt free?

Ways to avoid getting into debt

Extra money is always good. When kids do not have their parents’ support they can find ways to get extra money to save for college. One way is to find a summer job. A summer job will help them to get some money before starting college. Of course, that money would not be enough if they plan to study in a private university. Those with a tight budget should consider the idea of going to a public university. Another way of not spending too much money in college is by getting a scholarship. That can be a great help for those who wish to go to the university and do not have the money to do so. There is no doubt that it takes much effort to obtain a scholarship. Some students have even considered the idea of joining the military program. One scholarship of their program consist in receiving 4 years of college in exchange of 4 years of military obligation. This may sound a bit extreme for some students, but those who have experienced debt after college will for sure recommend to consider this option. Click here to see  more options regarding military programs.

14 -photo credit

How to make or save money while in college?

For some students it is not possible to avoid getting into some sort of debt. That is why it is necessary for them to find ways to make some money or to save the money they have. One helpful recommendation is to get a job on campus. This is a part-time job that will give the student something extra to cover for his expenses. Also, if the student is attending a local college, he could save a lot of money by living at home. He would not save money just on a room, but also he would have free meals at home. A D&D (Student Loan) can result in a great help for those students who carefully plan a way to pay it back. If a student tries to save some money while in college and more importantly to make extra cash, then he would be able to pay the loan on time. It takes a lot more effort to live on a tight budget, but the result at the end will be worth it.

Graduating from college debt free is not a mere dream. Do not feel overwhelmed because you have a student loan. Try your best to make some money while you are studying and save as much as you can. If possible, find more affordable options to make your way out of college by following the above recommendations.

Learn more ideas how to find way to settle college debts by clicking the link below:


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What is a Community Credit Union and How Can I find One?

A Community Credit Union is a credit union that serves a specific area. The community credit union is a federal credit union and operates like all other credit unions in that the members actually own the credit union.

The membership in a community credit union is essentially limited to a particular region and can be a city, county or even a state. The benefit of a community credit union is that it focuses on a geographic area as opposed to a profession, union or business enterprise.

What it a Community Credit Union

In that it focuses on a geographic area, it is able to see the needs of the communities it serves a little better and thus be able to make changes in it’s policies as member offerings making it a much more focused in terms of community needs.

Many community credit unions also offer excellent rates on car loans as they have an extra level of security knowing that the members of the community credit union will not normally move out of the area and thus if there was an issue with having to repossess the car, that would be an easier thing to accomplish.

Also, housing loans with a community credit union will also be better as the credit union has a much better idea as to what will be happening with the community as a whole when it comes to the housing market. A federal credit union that served the entire country would not be able to access the housing market as well and would have to rely on out of area appraisers to understand the real estate market.

Community Credit Unions are not all about loans of course, they are very concerned with giving the local members a good rate of interest on their savings accounts and keeping fees and costs down for their checking accounts. In that a credit union is actually an instrument that is primarily concerned with serving it’s members and one of the ways to do that is to keep expenses to the members to a minimum and give as high an interest rate available as well.

Many community credit unions offer an excellent plan to save for retirement in addition to having Christmas Clubs to save for the holiday season. The thought process is to do everything possible to ensure that the members are not stretched financially when it comes to their retirement days and of course everyone can use a little extra cash during the holiday season.

In short, a community credit union, which is as stated above, a specific type of federal credit union is one that will always be looking out for it’s membership in any way that a credit union possibly can.

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Philosophy Of Schools Credit Union

Schools Credit Union presently has over 115,000 members with over $1.2 billion in assets, currently ranking as one of the largest in the nation. Membership privileges are retained for life, regardless of members changing jobs or moving as long as they maintain their savings account with a minimum balance of $1.

Chartered in 1933 by seven teachers pooling their personal funds to create savings cooperative where low-cost loans was made available to members. Those depositing funds, in turn earned dividends from the interest which was generated from the loans. Schools Credit Union philosophy, “for service and not profit” as well as “people helping people” was established in the early years and is still maintained.

Philosophy Of Schools Credit Union

People opening a savings account at Schools Credit Union automatically become a member-owner, who owns one share of the Schools Credit Union. The board of directors are volunteers elected by members and policies gets established and upheld by the board. There are no outside investors or stockholders, thus they concentrate to serve and look out for the best interests of the member-owners.

Striving to provide an economic advantage while offering great services and products which meet members needs as quality member service continuous to be the number one priority. Schools credit union offers direct financial support and contributions to charities and worthwhile organizations, always active in the community. Strengthening community ties enables them reach a broad spectrum of people and providing a service to individuals in need of financial services that are truly affordable.

Schools Credit Union have implemented special disaster relief loans to members that became victims of disasters at extraordinary low rates. With the Government not paying normal pay to employees, they have implemented loans for government employees which are members in the form of no-interest loans in order to bridge the government impasse. Scholarships are provided by the Schools credit union to deserving college students to various colleges and universities.

Among other great services within the community and to their members, Schools Credit Union also allows members with infants to return to the workplace with the children until they are six months old. They strive to spread the word of their affordable services contributing and participating in various community events. They walk and raise money for the American Cancer Society with their volunteers, further promoting themselves and the financial services they provide.

Individuals in Sacramento as well as the nine surrounding counties are allowed to become members of Schools Credit Union as well as people related to existing members and Educational groups in those counties.

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An Overview Of The California Credit Union

The California Credit Union was established solely to serve the educational community in order to provide members with a unique and specialized service containing financial resources combined with personalized services. The great idea for educators to pool money for the mutual benefit of union members started in the early 1930′s and in the same year it grew to nearly a hundred members, with $800 in deposits.

California Credit Union

Since those years, the California Credit Union grew into a huge and very successful credit union, with over 70,000 members with over $1.3 billion in assets. Los Angeles County serves its members with 14 branch locations, call centers, website and online banking system, truly ensuring convenience as well as personalization to its members.

The success of the union is attributed to a simple and effective philosophy, namely that unlike banks, which benefit only selective stockholders a union benefits all its members. The reduced loan rates, reduced fees and higher savings rates are all to benefit its members and not anyone in particular or selective people only.

It is distinctly a member-owned financial institution, which deals with secure and stable services and products. Any funds deposited are federally insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA. Financial reviews are done on a regular basis by independent auditors and reports are available to all members of California Credit Union as well as the general public.

The California Credit Union supports and endorses several programs as well as scholarships. This year, deserving students will be receiving 10 scholarships in the Los Angeles County to the amount of $1,000 each. Applicants include community college students, returning adult students in the pursuit of a higher education as well as high school seniors.

Members enjoy many great benefits, including cash rewards, insurance, discounted gift cards, companion airfare and many more. Security is taken very seriously, thus they offer Fraud Protection Plus, which provides enhanced services and protection benefits for members and their families. Travel savings programs are also offered to members and their families with their CuonVacation program.

Membership at the California Credit Union is open to any private or public school employee, senior year teaching students, members of the California retired teachers association, as well as employees of the Los Angeles County Office. Individuals also qualify for membership when an immediate relative of one of the existing members. Public television contributor, America scouting member, Alumni association member, and California school student body members can also apply for membership to the union.

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Credit Union Loans – Some things you should know as well as realize

Among the list of opportunities that many American people fail to notice when searching for a mortgage is that of his or her community credit union. You will discover around 3 hundred credit unions within the United States contrary to bankers or various other loan product providers, each one is certainly actually owned as well as run by the individuals that register to be members, generally by setting up a savings account with it and usually having to pay a small one-off joining charge.

However, in order to be qualified to apply for membership, your position ought to match up that of the particular ‘common bond’ that all credit union has. This may necessitate that every one its members reside and/or are employed in the regional area, are working for a selected company (such as, law enforcement or a school system) or are part of the exact same organization, such as a trade union or place of worship.

Credit Union Loans

This kind of relationship can vary amongst credit unions however, so it will be well worth understanding which ones are close to you and after that finding out about what their bonds are really and whether or not you will be eligible to join you could start your search through the National Credit Union Association Credit Unions internet site.

Even though the majority of just offer their loans services to the people who currently save using them, circumstances have adjusted it’s true many credit unions also make it easy for new members to take advantage of their particular financial loans. The advantage of a credit union cash loan is they concentrate on a small amount something between five hundred dollars and fifty thousand dollars that happens to be ordinarily primarily matched by little consumer finance financial institutions.

Although mortgage rates could possibly be higher than a few high street financial loans or a charge card, the absolute most chargeable (and that is 26.8% APR, although virtually all are positioned close to 12.7% APR) continues to be tremendously lower than pay day loans, which commonly range up to a massive 2,000%! Additionally , they have virtually no concealed costs or even penalty charges, and come with built-in insurance coverage meaning that in the event you pass away before you off the full loan product, the credit union will be covered for the leftover sum of money without having your family members becoming accountable for it.

The length of the borrowed funds may differ dependent upon which credit union that you’re eligible to join, however generally you have access to an unguaranteed financial loan for up to five-years (ranging as much as 10 occasionally) and a guaranteed loan up to 10 (increasing to twenty five with some credit unions). You’ll have to join the credit union first of all though and then follow what ever guidelines they have got in places for example undergoing checks to be sure you can pay for to repay the loan or maybe saving repeatedly using them for a established period of time before you’ll be able to consider applying for financing using them.

Credit Union Loans…

Are generally an often-overlooked source of credit if you are in need of financial help

  • Will only be given to those people who are at present members of the actual credit union
  • Quite often also will need be saving using the credit union
  • Is usually just the thing for consumers seeking to access smaller amounts of cash
  • Are generally less costly compared to short-term payday advances!
  • Are only able to use a highest possible rate of interest of 26.8% APR
  • Possess payment condition svarying between five and 25 years dependant upon the credit union
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